Moisturizing Face Cream Remove Age Spot Scar Pigment Whitening Anti Wrinkle Cream Beauty Miracle Glow Day & Night Cream
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moisturizing face cream whitening anti wrinkle cream beauty miracle glow day & night cream



moisturizing.Nourish.brighten skin .Repair the skin.essence cream.Natural moisturizing factors.hyaluronate.Snail essence.




Glycerol, jojoba seed oil, propylene glycol, pentaerythritol tetrakis (ethylhexanoate), cyclopentadimethylsiloxane, glycerol polymethacrylate, nicotinamide, hydrogenated starch hydrolyzate, snail secretion filtrate, sucrose Stearic acid ester, sodium acrylate / sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, methylparaben, propylparaben, disodium EDTA, flavors, methylisothiazolinone.

[Product efficacy]

contains natural nutrients (vitamin E and a linolenic acid). has gentle and delicate texture. increase skin elasticity. it also has the function of rejuvenation. Moisturizing. Replenishment. dedicating skin to make your age of skin younger and younger.

nourish skin, soft, smooth and tender, moisturizing skin.

[How to use]

1 Clean your facial skin

2 Use the palm of your hand or make-up cotton to apply evenly to the face.

3 Gently tap till it is absorbed

Tips: recommend use twice a day (day and night). continuous using. skin must improve.

[Net weight]


Nourish skin moist soft and smooth

moisturizing nourishing skin soft tender and delicate

Snails + avocado tree fruit oil

scientific collocation make your skin more tender

Make skin bright

Sensitive skin repairing

Hydrating and moisturizing

Rosy skin

Yellow skin removal

Onespring snail comfortable moisturizing cream

Product specification : 50g

Product efficacy : Nourish skin & Soft & Smooth and tender & Moisturizing skin.

Contains snail secretions filtrate “moisturizing and nourishing”


The product contains the essence of snail, to add necessary water on skin, nourish dry skin, make skin tender, soft, hydrating, lock of water, moisturizing and smooth.


Hydrating moisturizing, tender skin smooth moist beautiful skin hydrating dehydrating moisturizing nourishing.

I mild care skin moist and tender

Snail comfortable moisturizing cream

The snail has a beauty effect

Snail mucus

Tender and soft skin. moisturizing soft and tight

Extracted from the snail secretions filtrate essence, rich in collagen and skin i care essence, add skin moisture, moisturizing and lock up of water, has the crystal through and nourishing effect, to make the skin becomes soft, tender and tight, delicate, clean and smooth.

Snail comfortable moisturizing cream

contain snail mucus essence

Hydrating and moisturizing

Extract snail mucus essence, hydrating and moisturizing, replenish required water for skin.

Gently care

Gently care delicate skin, balance water and oil, fresh skin and moist.

Moisturizing and rejuvenation

Moisturizing and rejuvenation, to improve the dry skin, to make it moist, tender and smooth.

Nourish skin

Nourish skin, nourishing and moisturizing, to make skin moist and tender.

Feel the nourishing of snail glue

Rich snail mucus

Gentle care skin

Snail glue contains snail’s mucus extract,gentle care delicate skin, to make skin more delicate, tender and smooth.

Nourish skin

Nourish skin, help improve dry skin, tender lovely and charming.

Hydrating moisturizing

Replenish require water to skin, to make moist, soft and smooth.

Natural ingredients care skin

Snail secretion

Avocado tree fruit oil

Snail secretions filtrate

1. Snail secreted mucus during its crawling.

2. Replenish required water and nourish skin.

3. Help to improve dry skin.

Avocado tree fruit oil

1. Avocado are skin-friendly with human skin.

2. Easy to absorb, gentle care.

3. make your skin become more softer smooth chubbiness.

Remove moisture shortage and start hydrating and moisturizing

Enrich the hydrating components, effectively nourish skin, improve coarse skin, continuously retain moisture and make skin hydrated, elastic and smooth.



Warm tips: Skin moisture value varies from person to person.

Improve dark skin and become hydrated and lustrous

Extract plant ingredients, mildly pro-skin, easy absorption, effectively brighten the skin color, and improve dark skin.



Get rid of coarse loose skin and keep skin delicate and soft

Contain soluble silk peptide fluid, replenish nutrients to skin, lift and firm up, and increase skin elasticity.



Treat acne marks. repair and firm up skin

A lot of snail extract soften the aged horny, repair the damaged skin with acne marks, and improve the skin state.



Before use and after use

1. Before and after hydrating

2. Before and after brightening

3. Before and after firming up

4. Before and after removing pimples.

Methods of use


Clean your facial skin.


Use the palm of your hand or make-up cotton to apply evenly to the face.


Gently tap till it is absorbed.

Tips : Recommend use twice a day (day and night), continuous using, skin must improve.

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