Maxxima Pain Relief Cream By Biowell Natural Health
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Maxxima Pain Relieving Cream

exp. 1/19
The Natural Pain Reliever
Maxxima has  hidden Secrets of 12 “Patented” Essential Oils Which Bypass Your Body’s Roadblocks to
Pain-Free Living
Maxxima is a Natural Topical Pain Formula that deeply penetrates your skin to give your joints and ailing body relief from painArthritis Pain                                                                              Maxxima Essential Natural Oils:
Stiff,aching back                                                    Aloe Vera Extract : Known as the medicine plant, speeds healing
Trick knee and elbow                                             Lavender Oil : Helps purify the body, produces calming soothing effect
Devastating degenerative conditions                        Tea Tree Oil : Has anti-septic and anti-fungal properties,used for healing
Aching Bursitis                                                       Spruce Oil :Shown to relieve muscular aches and pains,poor circulation and rheumatism
Pain Associated with aging                                      Rosemary Oil : Eases pain by increasing blood supply where applied.Good for aching joints
Damaged cartilage                                                  Sage Oil : Effective for sprains,swelling and joint and muscle stiffness
Tender bruises and sprains                                      Juniper Berry Oils : Helps calm nerves,decreases fluid retention eases muscle pain
Painful ligaments                                                     Cajeput Oil : Alleviates bruises, headaches, joint and muscle stiffness,strains,inflammation and swell
Sports injuries                                                         Peppermint Oil : Effective on headaches, muscle and nerve pain
Symptoms of carpal tunnel                                       Horse Chestnut Extract : Anti-inflammatory properties,acts as a anti-oxidant
Painfully stiff knuckles
Sensitive tendonitis
Stubborn muscle cramps
Prolonged soreness
Strained shoulder
Stiff Neck
Soreness of overexertion
Stiff Hips
Shooting pain of neuritis

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