Genone OXY Lean ELITE (Oxy Shredz) Original Fat Burner ENERGY Focus 60 caps
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Genone OXY Lean ELITE (Oxy Shredz) .Original Fat Burner ENERGY Focus 60 caps

Genone OXY Lean ELITE (Oxy Shredz) Original Fat Burner ENERGY Focus 90 caps
Genone OXY Lean ELITE (Oxy Shredz) Original Fat Burner ENERGY Focus 60 caps


Item specifics



Vitamin, Mineral Product: Weight Loss
Formulation: Natural Engineered Extracts # of Capsule: 60
Expiration Date: After 6 Months Original/Reproduction: Original Factory Seal
Country/Region of Manufacture: United States UPC: Β  638458712437
Gender: Unisex


The Best Selling Oxy Lean Elite Fat Burn Matrix! 1 Month Supply


If your diet and weight loss goals have come to a halt, Oxy Lean Elite is here help you break past plateaus and assist with destroying fat cells that have plagued you for so long. This extreme lipolyic agent is filled with 90 servings that are fast absorbing and help promote long lasting focus and awareness, increased sense of well being, and energy levels that will assist with your metabolic rate to help burn fat and shred your core like no other. Tackle your weight loss goals today with GenOne Oxy Lean Elite.

What is Oxy Shredz Elite?
To start off, Oxy Shredz Elite is a fat burning supplement made by GenOne. This extreme lipolytic agent is supposed to melt away stubborn fat when all else has seemed to fail. It contains Caffeine Anhydrous, Thermo-V TM, Bauhinia L, Geranium Oil, Magnesium, and Bacopa Monniera. You’re supposed to take one capsule 20 minutes before each meal, up to three times a day. GenOne Oxy Shredz Elite promises to melt away fat, even if you’re weight-loss seems to have halted.

GenOne Labs is located in Norcross Georgia and aims to provide their customers with supplements that will help them reach their weight-loss goals. Oxy Shredz Elite has been around for a little while . It’s easy to use, and we sure like the idea of melting away pesky fat.

Now under the company name GenOne, Oxy Shredz Elite offers the same supplement, without the aegeline.

One customer even commented, β€œIt Works! It’s just like the old Oxy Elite Pro,” so not everyone is thwarted by the do-over.







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